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An AI Dementia Monitoring System
industrial design
smart technology

The LumiMate is a dementia monitoring system designed with the lifestyles and needs of dementia caregivers and patients in mind, resulting in a new innovative hardware set to help bring a peace of mind into the home. It was designed for an AI medtech company that wanted to find ways to implement their computer vision technology in the home.

Cutting edge technology made accessible.

LumiMate uses computer vision to translate actions it sees into text. While this technology is currently being used in certain hospitals to relieve the stress of overworked healthcare professionals, we believe computer vision has the potential to be implemented into the home setting, lightening the load for caretakers.

Peace of mind for caregivers, privacy for patients.

The LumiMate system alerts and connects caregivers and dementia patients when immediate attention is required, reducing the number of accidents that occur in the home and alleviating the concerns of caregivers.

Designed to blend in.

Soft and minimal design language enables the LumiMate system to blend into any home, allowing both patient and caregiver to go about their day naturally. LumiMate uses a low power e-ink display featuring a light-weight viewing experience for the user.


The goal of these electronic enclosures was to show the vast application of the technology while emphasizing how small and simple the internal components are. In order to do that, we choose to use SLA clear resin 3D printing to fabricate the main bodies of these designs.

Another advantage of 3D printing these enclosures is that we can easily edit and print out new parts to satisfy different demonstration needs. The attachments designed for these cameras are magnetic, allowing for easy customization and attachment to other modules.


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