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Mit hanlab


Worry Less, Love More
industrial design
smart technology

The Alo patient monitoring ecosystem was grown from the desire to respect our loved ones while still keeping them safe. The design of Alo was heavily centered around peaceful and humble forms to blend harmoniously into any home environment.

By implementing new technologies in the fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence, we created a minimally invasive monitoring experience with peace of mind for both caregiver and patient: a floating monitoring device that pinpoints crucial moments for the caretaker, but also retains full visual privacy for the monitored individual.

Project Information


Current options for patient monitoring are complex and invasive, often failing to maintain the privacy of able-bodied elderly patients.


Alo is a speculative look into what kind of products could be created in order to help the elderly stay in their homes longer.


There is a growing need for solutions that help the elderly stay in their homes for longer as the average age of the population increases.


Recent advancements in computer vision and machine learning have made these technologies available on increasingly smaller devices. This allows for implementation of AI systems into smaller and more accessible devices.

Common Scenario

Seemingly minor accidents and injuries often go unnoticed and can eventually lead to complications.
Step 1
Patient is walking around in the living room.
Step 2
Patient injures knee, but doesn’t think too much about it.
Step 3
Patient is in pain, but walks around like normal. Caregiver implies that things are okay.
Step 4
Patient’s knee turns out to be a bigger problem and needs medical attention.

With Alo

Unlike the traditional way of home monitoring, which is very complex and intrusive, the Alo system is designed to be set up in minutes, and provide constant unobstructed monitoring with only one camera. Through the Alo app, one can customize the frequency of alerts, and even receive instant updates upon request.
Step 1
Patient is walking around in the living room.
Step 2
Patient injures knee. Alo indicates the injury.
Step 3
Caregiver is alerted on the app.
Step 4
Caregiver is able to provide immediate help and prevent the injury from escalating.

Elevated Patient Care

Alo has a tiny and perceptive camera system that detects and understands what it sees. By taking advantage of lightweight hardware, Alo is also able to navigate by flying through the air with the help of a small balloon, effectively avoiding any obstacles on the ground.

Punctual Notifications

When paired with the Alo app, the system can notify caregivers when help is needed and get immediate attention when it’s necessary.

Self Charging

When Alo runs low on power it will self dock into its charging stand.


MCU Net V2

Tiny ML on a Big Scale