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MIT HanLab

MCU Net V2

A tiny ML on a Big Scale
industrial design
smart technology

Dr. Han, director of MIT HanLab, is known for his research in tiny machine learning (tiny ML) technology. Spatial Dynamics worked with Dr. Han to create a series of electronic housings to show off his latest research development, the MCUNet V2. The technology itself uses an off the shelf microcontroller unit the size of an Airpod case. This series of products needed to illustrate different potential applications of the technology, demonstrating capabilities to investors.

Mask Detector

Buzz Me In In is a wall mounted device that serves as a COVID safety checkpoint near building entrances. Mounted on walls and doors, the device will only grant entry to visitors once it determines that they are wearing a mask. Designed to be small and blend into the environment, the detector minimizes visual disruption.

The Waitlist

The Waitlist is a friendly tabletop smart queuing assistant. The device can track the number ofpeople waiting in crowded areas, telling you where you are in line and estimating wait times. This facilitates efficiency and clarity in queue areas.

Automobile Aide

Automobile Aide is a smart assistant that can adjust car settings according to the preferences of drivers and passengers. The device can turn on the heat upon entry, or lock the car doors when the person leaves. The casing is designed to blend into the car interior, and the suction cup
allows the camera to be attached to smooth surfaces, such as windshields.


The goal of these electronic enclosures was to show the vast application of the technology while emphasizing how small and simple the internal components are. In order to do that, we choose to use SLA clear resin 3D printing to fabricate the main bodies of these designs.

Another advantage of 3D printing these enclosures is that we can easily edit and print out new parts to satisfy different demonstration needs. The attachments designed for these cameras are magnetic, allowing for easy customization and attachment to other modules.

An ALTA 12 volts battery


12V Battery Sample