LumiMate —
An AI Dementia Patient Monitoring System

Dawnlight, an AI health tech company, and Spatial Dynamics collaborated to bring a new kind of health monitoring into the home. The LumiMate is a dementia monitoring system designed with the lifestyles and needs of dementia caregivers and patients in mind, resulting in a new innovative hardware set to help bring a peace of mind into the home.

Industrial Design

User Research


Device System

Computer Vision

Cutting edge technology made accessible.

LumiMate uses computer vision to translate actions it sees into text. This technology is currently being used in certain hospitals to relieve the stress of overworked healthcare professionals. We believe this technology has the potential to be implemented into the home setting, where it can help lightening the load for caretakers.

Peace of mind for caregivers, privacy for patients.

The LumiMate system is able to alert and connect caregiver and dementia patient at moments that require immediate attention, which will help reduce the number of accidents that occur in the home, which will give caregivers a peace of mind.

caretaker looking at device.jpg
Designed to blend into the home setting.

The soft and minimal design language helps the LumiMate system blend into any home, allowing both patient and caregiver to go about their day with as much normalcy as possible. LumiMate uses a low power consumption e-ink display that features a light-weight viewing experience for the user.

Device Family