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mit hanlab


Nutrition Tracking, Simplified
industrial design
smart technology

The Nutri kitchen Scale is an innovative smart nutrition tracking solution for individuals who require detailed records of their daily food intake. It simplifies the nutrition tracking process by automating the laborious task of locating, deciphering, and recording the nutrition facts of various foods. With Nutri, people can spend less time tracking their diets, and more time enjoying their food.

This solution leverages the advantages of MIT HanLab’s machine learning breakthroughs to implement a neural network into a smaller, cheaper, and simpler hardware platform ideal for object detection and recognition.

Project Information


The current process of food tracking is tedious and time consuming. Even with computer vision abilities integrated into food tracking apps, users must take the extra steps of scanning individual ingredients and manually entering amounts. This interrupts the flow of the food prep process.


A food scale powered by AI and designed to seamlessly integrate into the meal preparation process.


The growing popularity of health and wellness tracking products shows a desire for clarity in understanding our bodies. These products and devices can be very useful, but only when it is designed to be well integrated into the user's lifestyle.


Advancements in computer vision and tiny machine learning (tinyML) have lowered the amount of space occupied by these systems. This allows for the implementation of complex AI into smaller and more accessible devices, such as a food scale.

Standard Food Scale Workflow

Seemingly minor accidents and injuries often go unnoticed and can eventually lead to complications.
Step 1
Requires a calcultor, notebook, scale, nutrition label
Step 2
Weigh the food
Step 3
Find nutrition facts of the food being weighed
Step 4
Calculate nutrition value in your serving
Step 5
Record down each value

Nutri Workflow

Unlike the traditional way of tracking nutrition, which is very tedious, the Nutri kitchen scale workflow is designed to seamlessly integrate into the meal preparation process. After recording a meal, the Nutri mobile app will then be able to provide the user with accurate and easy to understand nutritional data.
Step 1
Turn on your Nutri smart scale
Step 2
Camera recognizes food as you weigh it
Step 3
Nutrition value is automatically recorded

Effortless nutrition tracking

The Nutri kitchen scale system was designed with the whole meal prep user journey in mind to ensure a seamless experience that is not disruptive to the cooking process. The minimal and friendly form factor allows the scale to blend into the kitchen environment without taking up unnecessary amounts of space during usage and storage.

Accurate Ingredient Tracking

Nutri's powerful AI system and comprehensive food database ensures that all of your meals are easily and accurately documented, whether it is breakfast, lunch, dinner, or any snacks in between.

Your Nutrition, Your Way

The information is then recorded into the user's personal food journal app on their phone, providing a detailed nutritional breakdown of each meal.


Smart Bin

A more accurate waste management system